Our Impact

It was the very best incursion we have had. A well balanced integrated learning experience that provides the students with the opportunity to experience and/or express their own individual creativity while tapping into their spirituality. Equally great for staff.

Teacher, Kenwick School

Sensorium Theatre aims to improve the lives of young people with disability by sparking their imaginations and increasing their creative responses. Audiences are so delighted and absorbed that they often display responses ordinarily difficult to elicit from them. We work collaboratively with the education, arts and disability sector and build evaluation into all our programs. Evidence from parents, educators, therapists and the children themselves demonstrate: Increased enjoyment; increased engagement; increased independence; increased self expression; and increased socialisation.

In the past five years we have performed to over 3,500 children with disability in over 40 special education settings and 20 theatre venues all over Australia. We value ongoing partnerships and in some cases have returned to a school 4 times.

"Your performers weave a special magic"