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We are currently recruiting a GENERAL MANAGER.

This is a fulfilling role enabling a dynamic arts organisation on a bright trajectory. Sensorium Theatre – Australia’s leading theatre company making work for young audiences with disability – is looking for a lateral-thinking, progressive General Manager to enable our maturing company to reach for the stars. 


Sensorium Theatre’s purpose is to enrich the lives of young people with disability by sparking their imagination with adventurous and relevant theatre that strengthens our common humanity, and to share our approach and inspire others to create a more inclusive culture in Western Australia and our region. 

Sensorium Theatre devises, performs and tours immersive multi-sensory theatre for children and young people with disability and members of their circle of care.  


Position Title:  General Manager 

Basis of Employment:  Permanent full time (37.5 hours per week) 

Location:  357 - 365 Murray Street, Perth 

Reports to: Artistic Director/CEO, Artistic Director/Chief Creative Officer, Sensorium Management Committee (Board of Management) 

Salary:  $70,000 to $80,000 annually 

Conditions 3-month probationary period
As per Minimum Conditions of Employment Act 1993 (WA), including: 

  • 4 weeks annual leave, pro rata 
  • 2 weeks paid sick /carer’s leave per annum, pro rata 
  • 2 days paid compassionate leave per annum, pro rata 
  • 2 days unpaid carer’s leave for each permissible occasion, pro rata


Sensorium Theatre seeks a self-motivated arts manager with knowledge and experience of the performing arts sector and demonstrated experience in working with artists and supporting the creative process. Ideally this individual will have experience in delivering access and inclusion in the arts. Sensorium Theatre – Australia’s leading theatre company making work for young audiences with disability – is looking for a lateral-thinking, progressive General Manager to skilfully guide our maturing company to the next level of success. 


The General Manager provides support to the two Artistic Directors and Sensorium Theatre’s Management Committee (Board of Management). As a small organisation, this includes management of the company’s strategic plan, considering finance, business expansion, artistic development, branding and marketing, philanthropy and people. This role is responsible for operations which will include, as high priorities, financial stability, and measurable growth for the organisation. 


The General Manager is responsible for: 

  • Managing the business, financial and general administrative aspects of the company in support of the strategic plan and to successfully realise the artistic vision of the Co-Artistic Directors 
  • Together with ADs, the effective producing of local theatre and associated programmes 
  • Nurturing and developing the company’s government, philanthropic, corporate and community relationships 
  • Identifying and pursuing opportunities to diversify and grow company income streams.  
  • Working with the ADs to ensure that the Sensorium Management Committee are fully informed of Sensorium’s program of activities, 


The following are a suite of general parameters for success: 

  • Operational sustainability in line with the overall strategic and artistic goals of the company through key partnerships with funders, supporters, and government 
  • Effective management and development of operational systems and procedures to deliver and support the artistic vision of the AD’s  
  • Financial and Business Management in line with company culture 
  • Effective human resource management to retain part time positions and casual artist pool


  • Planning, monitoring, and reporting - 20% 
  • Financial and Business Management - 40% 
  • Partnership Development – 20% 
  • Marketing and Communications – 10% 
  • General Administration – 10% 


Planning, monitoring, and reporting - 20% 

  • In conjunction with the ADs and Management Committee develop the organisation’s business plans, support and contribute to the strategic planning cycle.  
  • Programme scheduling in collaboration with the ADs and oversight of shared company calendars. 
  • Devise, direct and implement a fundraising plan in accordance with goals and objectives the organisation’s approved business plan and program. 
  • Monitor and document the KPIs of the strategic and business plan and in conjunction with the ADs key artistic outputs. 
  • Prepare regular and timely financial reports for the Treasurer & the Management Committee. 
  • Work with the Management Committee to review functionality and skills matrix, assist in finding additional members to fills skills gaps. 

Financial and Business Management40% 

  • Pursue funding opportunities and applications, in collaboration with AD’s, to support both the artistic programme and organisational sustainability and growth. 
  • In collaboration with AD CEO review existing budgets and budget processes.  Prepare organisational and project budgets and monitor expenditure against budget. 
  • With support from the Project Coordinator & BIC Project Leader, track outcomes for AOIP Head Agreement and other funded projects (e.g., Crown Packer, Telethon) and ensure all reporting is made in a timely fashion. 
  • Execute grant acquittals and their respective submission to relevant issuing bodies, liaising with ADs on qualitative content of these reports. 
  • Manage contractual relationships with local producing partners and venues.  
  • Monitor and ensure adequate cash flow.  
  • Oversee payroll, accounts payable, invoicing with support of Bookkeeper. 
  • Manage the production of Annual Financial Statements in collaboration with Accountants, bookkeeper, and Treasurer.  
  • Manage the annual audit process in collaboration with the Treasurer, appointed Auditor and Audit Sub-Committee.  
  • Manage the Project Coordinator and BIC Project Leader roles. 
  • Ensure compliance with OSH and LPA guidelines. 
  • Support effective governance through effective information flow to management committee and the refinement of policies and procedures. 

Partnership Development – 20% 

  • Together with ADs develop and nurture client relationships with presenters, clients, and education partners. 
  • Foster relationship with Performing Lines WA with a view towards negotiating and signing a Memorandum of Understanding for future producing and tour management services. 
  • Identify and pursue opportunities for new partnerships that complement, add value, or grow the financial and organisational sustainability of the company. 

Marketing and Communications – 10% 

  • Maintain and grow the database of the company of audience members, partners, presenters.  
  • In partnership with the AD COO and Project Co-ordinator communicate with stakeholders and potential hosts/presenters via enewsletters, media releases and social media channels.  
  • Assisting AD CCO in the delivery of multi-media resources & communications campaigns and events pertaining to the company and its creative works. 

General Administration – 10% 

  • Develop and execute contracts with all staff including child protection policy and COVID-19 policy requirements. 
  • Prepare and participate in internal and external meetings. 
  • Oversee updating of shared calendars and documents for items relating to this role 
  • Maintain effective organisational recordkeeping, content sharing and filing. 
  • Prepare reports and information for the board as required. 
  • Work with ADs to oversee an annual schedule of specific and recurring events, such as servicing Sensorium truck, planning days and so on. 
  • Ensure the ongoing functionality and fit for purpose technical platforms, software and applications. 


  • Position: General Manager 
  • Permanent full time (37.5 hours) 
  • Salary $70,000 to $80,000 annually 

Closing Date

Monday 28 March | 4:00pm WST

Shortlisted applicants will be contacted for interviews beginning 4 April. 

How to Apply

Via email: 

Please include:

  1. CV outlining relevant experience
  2. A covering letter addressing your skills and attributes, passion, experience, and suitability to fulfill the goals and responsibilities of the role (up to 2 pages)


At Sensorium Theatre we care for our people, and support flexibility. We encourage applications from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, people with disability, LGBTIQ and people from culturally diverse backgrounds. 


Guy Boyce 0408 013 870

Selection Criteria

Essential Criteria 

  1. Exceptional leadership capabilities. 
  1. Strong organisational skills including the ability to manage financial and administrative systems, business processes, business acumen. 
  1. Exceptional communication skills. 
  1. Good stress management skills 
  1. Good collaborative skills 

Desirable Criteria 

  1. Knowledge and experience of access and inclusion in an arts setting.