Sensory Play at Home

Busy Busy | an online sensory story

We are delighted to share with you this free online interactive ‘Playschool’-style sensory story, perfect for educational play at home, school, in libraries or other educational institutions, especially designed for children with disability and access needs, with a learning age of approximately 3-10 years.

Sensorium Theatre

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Busy Busy is the story of a puppet character, JJ, and his busy family who are always rushing to get ready in the morning. One day everything stops. JJ’s family learn to slow down and smell the roses, notice the birds and ants and play together as a family.

How to use Busy Busy

  • The story contains 6 sensory play opportunities. It can be enjoyed in one continuous session (48 minutes) or over several shorter sessions
  • The video is on Vimeo, and can be played on a smart TV, computer or tablet
  • The sensory play sessions require everyday objects such as cups, spoons, lunchboxes, apples & flowers, which are listed at the beginning of the video.
  • To aid children’s understanding the presenters use key signs and visual symbols as well as verbal cues. The video is also captioned.

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