Sensory Storytelling at Awesome Festival

Wombat Stew

Sensory Rhymetime

9:15am & 12:30pm, ages 0 - 4

Sensory Rhymetime takes popular nursery rhymes and connects them with live music, singing and interactive sensory play to create a unique fun and educational experience for children with disability, developmental delay, autism and other access needs. Music and sensory play (touch, taste and smell) add to children’s understanding and enjoyment of rhymes, and support the development of language and independence.

Wombat Stew

2pm, ages 4 - 8

In this classic Australian picture book, a dingo catches a wombat and wants to cook him in a stew. But all the other bush animals have a plan to save their friend. They trick the dingo into using mud, feathers, flies, bugs and gumnuts in his stew, and the result is something the dingo will never forget!

The word "Awesome' written in colourful lettering

Weds September 28th

  • 9.15am
  • 12.30pm
  • 2pm

CUBS Cubby, Discovery Zone State Library WA, Francis Street Perth WA 6000


$5 per child; carers free


45-60 minutes