Illustrated poster featuring birds and a monkey in a forest.

Welcome to the luscious Singaporean forest! Feel the textured leaves with your toes and fingertips, smell the exotic flowers, play hide-and-seek with Hornbill, spot Owl in the moonlit canopy, and help Kingfisher look after her eggs. In the magical Hutan, even a passing rain shower brings a surprise visit from the cheeky Gibbons with a mayhem-filled picnic of yummy tropical fruits for all their new friends.

Inspired by the National Museum of Singapore’s William Farquhar Collection of Natural History Drawings, the immersive tactile set, beautiful live music and friendly performers makes this a delightful inclusive experience for children with access needs and their friends. 

An international collaboration between Sensorium Theatre and The ArtGround, Singapore, Huan is part of Awesome Festival, 2022.

Huan  means forest in Malay and <mu> is the Chinese character for “wood”

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AGES: 4+

Mon 26 September - Sat 1 October

Education Room 1 Western Australian Museum Boorla Bardip, Francis Street Perth WA 6000, 2022


$15.50 General Admission: includes 1x Child + 1x Adult/Carer

Babes in arms policy: Children Under 2 do not require a ticket if they are sitting on the lap of a paying adult. Children Under 2 who require their own seat will require a ticket.


50 mins