Sensorium theatre

Whoosh! - in development

Sensorium Theatre is entering the final phase of development of a new performance experience to outer-space. In "Whoosh!" children with disabilities will be at the centre of an interactive multi-sensory adventure co-piloting a spaceship with us across the galaxy! This “fly-your-own-spaceship” adventure will re-imagine the assistive technologies that are commonly used by young people with disabilities in their daily lives. Audience members will be able to push the button to “blast off”, and help fix the ship after the inevitable emergency landing on a mystery planet!  Our spaceship is very close to being built and we will be rehearsing in the Subiaco Arts Centre and piloting with a small group of audiences in March 2018.

"Loved it, loved it and loved it!  So very interactive and imaginative for the kids. Loads of sensory experiences and lots of exploring to be done. This Space experience was especially rewarding because we were involved from the inception."  - Teachers, Kalamunda Education Support Centre

"Your performers weave a special magic!"