Oddysea is an interactive multi-sensory tale set in a tactile underwater wonderland.

"It was a magical place to be and to see the delight on the faces of our students, and the expressive sounds they made - it was something I have not experienced during my 10 years as an Education Assistant."

Malibu School

Young audiences take a hands-on journey through an oceanic world of touch, tastes, smells, live original music and highly visual storytelling. Nestled on the beanbag sand-dunes audiences become part of the Oddysea unfolding around them. Beginning at the shimmering gold satin sands of the beach they journey with Crab and his best friend Turtle through sparkling blue-sequined waves to a kaleidoscopic crocheted coral reef, encountering many memorable oddities along the way.

With beautiful sea-themed songs and lots of one-on-one interaction, Oddysea ensures that every audience member has the best seat in the house.

To enhance audiences’ understanding and enjoyment we have created additional resources including a video introduction and a talking book. These are available free of charge on our resources page.

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