Sensorium theatre

Partnership and Mutual Learning

"The vast experience of the artists has inspired many to make drastic changes to their programs to accomodate students with high complex needs."  -Teacher, Malibu School

Sensorium Theatre values the expertise of schools in communicating effectively with our audience. We actively try to build partnerships with schools to stimulate mutual learning.

In Australia we have been hosted by 40 different special needs schools across the government, catholic and independent education sectors.


We aim to tour one of our shows to metropolitan schools in Western Australia annually. Check Our Shows page to see what we are currently offering.

First we set up an immersive show environment - a special forest for The Jub Jub Tree or a special beach for Oddysea.Then we hold an introductory session for staff to outline the residency structure and our methodology. We maximise our impact by offering additional learning resources for students - such as Picture-books & Music CD's of each show & online digital talking-books and webisodes - to enhance engagement and understanding. We deliver up to 4 preparatory workshops with students embedding the characters and themes of the show, before bringing everything together for the final performance.Parents are also invited to enjoy watching a performance with students and staff.

Our schools program is subsidised by the generous support of philanthropic foundations.

Sensory Storytelling

We are currently developing a series of sensory nursery rhymes and stories which we can offer to schools for their early childhood classes. These sensory stories are delivered by two artists and are a more simple set up. We can provide one off sessions or a 5 week series.

Professional Learning

Sensorium Theatre can deliver stimulating professional learning to your staff as stand alone sessions. Further details about these are available on the Our Services page. Please let us know if there are any professional learning opportunities that you can offer us! We are always interested to up-skill ourselves in understanding and communicating more effectively with children with disabilities.

Custom installations and residencies

Sensorium Theatre is available for commissions and consultancies -  designing imaginative wonderlands in your school or undertaking exploratory residencies on particular themes.

"Your performers weave a special magic!"