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Sensory Storytelling project 0-4yrs

"Sensory is just as good and important as physio. We get so caught up in everyday routine. So this is something different to do. I got ideas from last week to do at home." - Parent

"I wouldn't just read from a book anymore -  this makes a greater impact." - Parent

"Parents need it as much as the kids. I love what you do!" - Parent

We are very excited to be developing this project in 2017 thanks to the generous support of IMPACT 100WA, The Jam and Jelly Foundation and Spinifex Foundation! Leah Maund has taken on the role of Project Co-ordinator and is currently scoping partnership possibilities with early intervention providers. We are delighted to welcome Leah to the Sensorium Theatre family, she comes to us with a history of exemplary arts and disability projects.

We are offering 2 streams of the program in Term 4 2017 - one that links up with selected early intervention service providers and one based at Canning Bridge Library. If you would like to attend one of the programs follow the links below to register or find out who to contact for more information.

Early Intervention Provider programs
Inclusive Canning Bridge Library programs

Below is a video explaining some of the methodology we use in our Sensory Storytime sessions.


"Your performers weave a special magic!"